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About Washington Friends of Farms & Forests

Public Policy Advocacy

As the lead advocate for responsible pest management and plant health in Washington State, Washington Friends of Farms & Forests represents our members’ interests before the Legislature and regulatory agencies and provides technical expertise to resolve complex issues.


We actively engage at the local, state and national levels and provide accurate, science-based information to legislators, regulators and the media to promote a positive business environment for our members.


Our legislative reception is one of the best attended legislative events in Olympia. It provides an opportunity for members to meet their legislators and for legislators to learn more about issues important to our members.

Education & Outreach

Washington Friends of Farms & Forests works to increase awareness and understanding of the critical roles that technology plays in agriculture and forestry and how those industries support the economy, the environment and everyday life in Washington State and beyond.

Our primary focus is state issues, but some topics, such as the Endangered Species Act (ESA) the Clean Water Act (CWA), environmental sustainability and worker safety cross all boundaries. We share information with legislative bodies and regulatory agencies from the federal to the city level, wherever the issue arises. We frequently provide support to county weed boards and county road managers.

We advocate for applicators, dealers, and growers at the state level and team up with other state and national organizations to work on regional and national issues. Members include agricultural producers and organizations, timber producers, agricultural suppliers and urban applicators.

In addition to advocacy, we reach out via social media and public events to help the public understand more about production agriculture and pest management and the challenges our members face every day.

Science-Based Resources

We have access to toxicologists, water-quality specialists and other scientists through member companies who assist with analyzing reports and the effects of proposed regulations. We use a combination of technical analysis and grassroots input to influence proposed regulations.


Our membership includes many other organizations. This gives us a vast grassroots network. In addition, we maintain close working relationships with other state and national business organizations and producer groups.

We work with local, regional and national coalitions to facilitate issue management. These relationships translate to highly effective advocacy and powerful networking opportunities for our members.

Monthly meetings provide the opportunity for members to come together and share ideas on current issues. Meetings often include tours or speakers relevant to current topics. During the legislative session, meetings are in Olympia. The rest of the year, meetings are held around the state.

Media Relations

WFFF serves as a resource and an advocate for pest management and plant health issues by using science to communicate with the media, the public, regulatory agencies and elected officials about the benefits of managing pests to protect our health, our food supply and our environment.

We are proud of our accomplishments. The broader our membership, the more we can achieve.

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