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Chris Voigt, WA Potato Commission, Speaking to the WA Integrated Pest Management Commission Tour
July 19, 2023
WA Integrated Pest Management Tour July 17, 2023
  • Washington Friends of Farms & Forests works to increase awareness and understanding of the critical role that technology plays in agriculture and forestry and how those industries support the economy, the environment and everyday life in Washington State and beyond.

  • Our primary focus is state issues, but some topics, such as the Endangered Species Act (ESA) the Clean Water Act (CWA), environmental sustainability and worker safety cross all boundaries. We share information with legislative bodies and regulatory agencies from the federal to the city level, wherever the issue arises. We frequently provide support to county weed boards and county road managers.|

  • We advocate for applicators, dealers, and growers at the state level and team up with other state and national organizations to work on regional and national issues. Members include agricultural producers and organizations, timber producers, agricultural suppliers and urban applicators.

  • We have access to toxicologists, water-quality specialists and other scientists through member companies who assist with analyzing reports and the effects of proposed regulations. We use a combination of technical analysis and grassroots input to influence proposed regulations.

  • In addition to advocacy, we reach out via social media and public events to help the public understand more about production agriculture and pest management and the challenges our members face every day.
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