Washington Friends of Farms & Forests

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Ranie Haas
Washington State Tree Fruit Association

Jeff Blackner
Washington Tree Service
Ben Sacher


Scott Dahlman
FMC Corporation

Board Members


Mike Conway

Chris Whitson
Port Blakely Tree Farm


Brian Carbaugh
Campbell Global

James Curry
Bayer Crop Sciences

Phil Madden

PM Orchards and Consulting

Steve Passmore

Passmore Aviation

Kent Pittard

Bayer Environmental Sciences

Chris Rasor

Weyerhaeuser Company

Chris Voigt

Washington Potato Commission

Tom Walters

Walters Ag Research

Non-voting Advisory Positions


Carol Black

Washington State University Department of Entomology


Robin Schoen-Nessa

WA State Department of Agriculture


WFFF Staff

Heather Hansen

Executive Director